The Annual 2012

School of Visual Arts

Miami Meets Manhattan

Design Architecture Senior High

In July 2011, SVA hosted 30 students from Miami’s Design Architecture Senior High (DASH) by way of a new initiative aimed primarily at economically disadvantaged youth. The aspiring artists and designers participated in SVA’s Summer Pre-College Program thanks to a partnership between SVA, DASH and the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space in Miami. During the nearly month-long program, the youngsters toured museums and galleries in New York City and took part in a variety of workshops.

When the trip was still in the planning stages, Rosa de la Cruz talked to the Miami Herald’s Ana Veciana-Suarez about how the program came together:

The de la Cruzes, who have an art space for their private collection near the school, are longtime supporters of DASH as well as the New World School of Arts. In addition to various contributions during the past decade, they’ve launched a study/travel program, DASH takes Manhattan, at the suggestion of DASH principal Stacey Mancusco. This summer, a group of sophomores and juniors will spend a month in New York visiting theaters and museums while also studying at the School of Visual Arts.

‘We’re great believers in education and that you enrich a city through knowledge,’ [Rosa] de la Cruz says. ‘They are our future. Their minds are open to everything.’

When the students arrived at SVA, it seemed their minds had indeed been opened. The SVA blog Close Up reported:

 “Every day has been different,” said Steven, a Fashion Design major at DASH. “When you’re away from everything you know, you’re always in constant shock—we’ve been pulled out of our comfort zones in the best possible way.”

Describing how this environmental jolt has influenced his work, Vladimir, an Industrial Design major at DASH, said, “It’s awesome to have so much independence, it’s been really fun. When we took photos, we could just shoot whatever we wanted to.” Motioning toward Ruggeri, he added, “And this guy blew my mind with what he was saying about space and distance. I’m going to be thinking a lot more about that stuff from now on.”

SVA Hosts High School Students From Miami