The Annual 2012

School of Visual Arts


Joe Quesada

As chief creative officer at Marvel Entertainment, Joe Quesada (BFA 1984 Media Arts) is responsible for ensuring that the stories of the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and other iconic comic-book characters are represented consistently in movies, television, and other media. This task grew when The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel in 2010, propelling the likes of Captain America and the X-Men into an array of new contexts.

In October 2011, Quesada made headlines of his own as the subject of a profile in the New York Times. Writer Elisa Marla began:

On Sundays, he becomes the fan, cheering for his daughter at figure-skating tournaments or rooting for the Mets. He lives with his wife, Nanci, 49, and their daughter, Carlie, 10, in a loft in the Flatiron district, along with their yellow Lab, Zoe, and two cats, Mucha and Nutley. They also have a house in New Jersey.

UP EARLY I could try to oversleep—today, that was 7:30. I’m not a light sleeper, but I don’t get to bed early, ever.

ESPRESSO TIME I spark up the espresso machine—it’s a Nespresso; I’ve had it for years. I cannot start functioning without a minimum of two double espressos. Sunday is usually the day when I let myself cheat on breakfast. If my wife is making pancakes for my daughter, I’ll definitely partake in that.

PARK OR BRUNCH Sunday is the chance that we get to do something as a family, so we often go to Madison Square Park—Shake Shack has always been a ritual for us. If we weren’t going to Madison Square Park, we’d have brunch with friends—maybe at Steak Frites, a place that my daughter enjoys. As my friend likes to say, I’m a five-block-radius kind of guy, so anything within five blocks of my home is what I set my sights on. Once we find a good place, we keep going there until we kill it.

Espresso and the Incredible Hulk