The Annual 2012

School of Visual Arts

Hall of Famer

Kevin O’Callaghan

This summer Kevin O’Callaghan, chair of SVA’s 3D Design program, entered the Hall of Fame at the Art Directors Club, the premier global membership organization for creative talent in visual communication. After graduating from SVA in 1980, O’Callaghan began his career building sets and props for TV shows and Hollywood movies and then moved on to teach at SVA, where he masterminded a series of wildly popular student exhibitions. Among the most memorable was 1995’s “Yugo Next,” for which his class transformed 29 Yugos—the much-derided Yugoslavian-made budget car—into a piano, a submarine, a telephone and other unexpected forms. As seen in Monumental: The Reimagined World of Kevin O’Callaghan (Abrams, 2010), an illustrated survey of the many high-profile assignments he has given students over nearly 3 decades, the projects have only gotten more ambitious.

O’Callaghan showed up to this interview carrying one of the popcorn-bucket trophies he designed for the MTV Movie Awards—upending it to reveal the signature of Hollywood director/producer Oliver Stone.

Art Directors Club Hall of Fame